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Now you can have a Professional Amusement Park Artist at your Party ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD! (via the internet)


Zoom-Toonz: are hand-drawn quick-sketch caricatures done remotely via video chat to ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD!

  • Real-Time Hand Drawings via the Web @ Your Party

  • Professional Quick-Sketch Caricature Artist

  • High-Tech Art Entertainment

  • Saves you $$$

  • Free online download gallery (prints up to 8x12")

  • 4x6" Color Prints shipped to you or 1 hr. pick-up.


  • $150. per hour

  • +30% for Natl. Corps

Technical Requirements:

  • Zoom app (free download)

  • Internet Connection

  • Computer, IPad or phone with Camera & Mic


  • Display Monitor (TV) for large Party viewing

  • Print at your party (Rental available)

  • Assistant to help with Guests, communication and/or printing.

Side-view in Color (about 5-7 min. each).  

Front-View in Color (about 7-10 min. each).  

Black & White: 3-5 min.

Book Your Event Today!


For more info. call Tiki @ (808)203-4221

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