Digital Cartoon Drawings are Hand-Drawn on an IPAD and printed out in Full-Color on 4x6" photo paper. The live drawing is shown on a table-top display so many people can watch at a time. Also, you can choose your own custom theme background for your Party. Then (after the party) the picture data is uploaded to the Online Drawing Gallery so your guests can download it for Free.


  • Price: $300. for the first 2 hours (minimum)

  • Any additional Hours: $100. per hour.

*Outer Island + travel + $100. per diem + room (if necessary)

*National/Intl. Corp. Event Price add 15%


  • Quick Sketch Digital Drawings in Color or B&W

  • Live Monitor Display

  • 4x6" photo prints (and protective cover)

  • Free Online Downloads for your guests

Digital Color:  takes about 5~8 minutes per person.

Black & white: approx. 3-5 min.

We try to limit the length of the line at the last hour (so all of those waiting in line get a drawing)  If you wish to extend the drawing time please inform us at least 1 hour in advance.

B&W Pen Sketches are also available upon request.

Please fill out this Reservation Form


Call for more info. Tiki @: (808) 203-4221