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Digital Cartoon Drawings are Hand-Drawn on an IPAD and printed out in Full-Color on 4x6" photo paper. The live drawing is shown on a table-top display so many people can watch at a time. Then (after the party) the picture data is uploaded to the Online Drawing Gallery so your guests can download it for Free and print up to 8x12".


  • Price: $150. per hour (2 hr. minimum)

  • Additional Hours: $150. per hour.

*Outer Island + travel + $150. per diem + room (if necessary)

*National/Intl. Corp. Event Price add 20%

*3 hr. min for North Shore or $20. gas/travel


  • Quick Sketch Digital Drawings in Color or B&W

  • Live Monitor Display

  • 4x6" photo prints on-site

  • Free Online Downloads for your guests

Digital Color:  takes about 5~8 minutes per person.

Black & white: approx. 3-5 min.

We try to limit the length of the line at the last hour (so all of those waiting in line get a drawing)  If you wish to extend the drawing time please inform us at least 1 hour in advance.

B&W Pen Sketches are also available upon request.

Please fill out this Reservation Form


Call for more info.

Tiki : (808) 203-4221

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